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About Us, You and Your Session

Wait...WHAT? About us????? No, no, no, no, nooooooooooooo! It's all about YOU!  Here's how we make our sessions all about you. With maybe a little about us.... things that help make US make it all about YOU.

From the first phone call you will be treated like a friend. In fact, so many of our clients become long time friends as we live, work, shop, compete, celebrate,  EVERYTHING, primarily all in the same area.

After booking, depending on the session you pick, we will call, or have you come in, to talk about clothes, make up, interests, what you want from your session.....basically, your style and everything that makes you.... YOU! Then, we can capture the true you.

Then,  comes the session. It usually involves a lot of laughter. We love to laugh. Or....sometimes we don't.  Sometimes we are quieter (but still happy because we love our jobs). However,  not everyone is the same. Some people are quieter and more reserved. We don't want to overwhelm you. We take our cues from you and your personality. With our many years of posing, photography and people experience we know how to bring out the best in everyone! Whether you are loud, quiet, or somewhere in between.

Finally, we follow up with a premiere ordering session, where you are treated (no, really treated with eatable treats...YUM) to a viewing of your images in our theater. You will feel like a movie star as you narrow down your favorites and see yourself on the big screen.

In the end, a few weeks later, you receive your professionally finished products beautifully packaged and ready for your enjoyment.

And here's that little about me I promised. I'm a little bit Obsessive. I've had a camera in my hands since I was 10 years old.  I took photography in high school, college and beyond.  My true passions (besides the people in my life) are art, design and photography. I started this business 12 years ago because of that obsession with photography. I'm Obsessive about the details of your session. Obsessive about the art of photography and obsessive about your session. But not in a creeper kind of way!

That obsession lead me to attend many training seminars and conferences and eventually end up on the board of Directors for the Professional Photographers of Colorado. My Images have also been featured on Modern Senior, Senior Inspire, Senior Chic and Senior Year Magazine Senior Photography Sites.

What does that obsession mean for you? That means that I spend almost every waking moment reading, learning and thinking about how I can make the best images for you. That you will get outstanding portraits and the best experience that I can give. That you won't be disappointed.

Obsession. Kind of a problem for me, but good for you!

We Can't wait to meet you!


Photographer | Founder

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